Our Creation Story

The concept of Kofee aimed to establish a grab-and-go experience with a nostalgic atmosphere, fostering a friendly connection between the barista and the customer. The genesis of this idea harks back to an autumn day marked by an unpleasant encounter at a store that will not be named, exhibited discourtesy, curtness, and a lack of warmth in providing the morning elixir—coffee/espresso.

The experience was disheartening to the point of contemplating the acquisition of a personal coffee machine to brew one's own morning beverage. However, recognizing that the allure of coffee shops extended beyond the drink itself, encompassing camaraderie, inspiration, and a sense of companionship, the notion of reviving an old idea with a unique twist took root. This led to the birth of Kofee.

The name "Kofee" was chosen as it translates to coffee in the Hindu language, infusing an Eastern Indian vibe that aligns with the desired atmosphere for customers. While upholding top-quality products, Kofee aspires to establish an environment characterized by peace, friendliness, and comfort, setting it apart from other establishments in the same domain.




Giving back to others

Doing the best we can (putting 100% effort in)

Passion to grow and learn



To add value to the community by enhancing the cafe experience

To have the best cafe shop in downtown Brooklyn 

Comfortability, Friendliness, Superiority



To create a welcoming café where customers enjoy their favorite beverages, experience exceptional quality, connect with our friendly staff, and relish in a personalized, comforting environment, offering a unique blend of customization, personalization, gifts, and top-notch products, fostering a community of like-minded individuals seeking relaxation.